Frequently Asked Questions

What would I benefit from UCLA Summer Program?

Student will be attending UCLA regular summer session, taking 2 to 3 UCLA classes and gain 8 units of transferable credit and official UCLA transcript. Students could get Recommendation Letter from Professors. UCLA recommendation letter will be beneficial if student is planning to apply for American schools. Applied schools will use student's performance during summer session to evaluate applicant for admission. During summer sessions, student can meet with UCLA admission counselor to further understand applying for schools in America.

How does the summer program help with my graduate application in the future?

Gaining credit by attending UCLA Summer classes and help international student proof their abilities to study in all English environment. It can also help students finish required class that was not offered in their home country before applying for their graduate schools. For example, Intermediate Accounting, Economic Statistic etc. Student might also get recommendation letters or even offers from UCLA professors. The whole experience will enrich students' resume.

What is a transcript and how can I get one?

A transcript is a permanent record of your academic work. Transcripts are maintained by the Registrar's Office. You will have lifetime access to your student record at UCLA and may request an unlimited number of copies. We suggest ordering two transcripts at the end of your session. One for your personal records and one for your university.

What is the difference between UCLA Summer Sessions and UCLA Extension?

UCLA Summer Sessions offers regular university-level courses, the same courses taken by UCLA students during the regular academic year. These courses are typically taught by UCLA faculty and are usually transferable for credit to other universities. UCLA Extension courses are geared toward adult continuing education and professional development. UCLA Extension courses do not appear on the official UCLA transcript.

What is the deadline for registration?

UCLA Summer Registration Deadline for Session A is May 1st 2014 UCLA Summer Registration Deadline for Session C is June 1st 2014 We suggest student not to wait until the last minute to register. We open up for registration starting March 1st. Courses may be full fairly quickly. To secure the course you want to enroll, register early and sign up for classes as soon as possible.

Can I submit CET 4 or CET 6 results as a substitution for IELTS or TOEFL?

UCLA doesn't accept CET scores. However student without TOEFL or IELTS should schedule an interview with our UCLA counselor to see whether UCLA summer is suitable for you and if so, what courses are permitted for you to take with your level of English.

What is the interview like?

Student will need to schedule an interview time through the online registration. Our UCLA counselor will conduct interview with the student via Skype or phone. The interview will be 20 to 30 mins long. Your interviewer will want to your background, major, interest and most importantly what class you are planning to enroll at UCLA. You should be able to explain why you are suitable for certain courses and how UCLA summer experience will benefit you.

What is minimum number of classes required for international students wishing to attend UCLA summer

All international student must enroll at least 8 units through out the entire session (6 weeks) in order to maintain student visa (F1) status in the United States.

Can I take more than 8 credit units?

Yes, you could take more than 8 units. UCLA does not have a limitation cap on how many classes or units you could take. However course load for each class will take a lot of your time to preview, review and work on special projects. We don't suggest student taking more than 3 courses during one summer session. We also hope our students will take the time to explore the surrounding environment and culture.

What classes does UCLA offer in the summer?

UCLA summer offers over 700 courses including General Education course and Major courses. In addition, we offer ESL courses with different focuses and topics. You don't have to select course that's Student could choose the best fit course by looking at our UCLA course website.

How do I choose the right classes for me?

We offer class counseling service. Student could schedule with a counselor through online registration. Counselor will analyze your major, interest and English level in order to suggest certain courses that are best suitable for you.

Do I have to take my courses for a letter grade? What is Pass/No Pass?

The Pass/No Pass grading option is designed to give you the opportunity to explore areas of possible academic interest outside of your area of expertise without jeopardizing your GPA.

What if the classes I have chosen are too difficult?

Student could change class within the first week of school. However we suggest student to select two or more back-up classes and sit in during the first week. In case you need to change into those backup classes, you won't be missing out on the first week of lecture.

What is GE course?

GE means General Education. US students must complete certain amount of GE courses in order to graduate. Normally GE course require a certain amount of essay writing and lecture hour, therefore many GE courses are 5 units.

What is ESL class?

ESL means English as Second Language. ESL classes are designed to help student improve English level through various aspects and topics. Courses include conversation skill, pronunciation, academic writing, personal statement writing, business english etc.

Can I choose internship courses?

No. Internship courses usually require student with work authorization to find an internship before summer starts, the internship can be counted as college credits. However International student with F1 visa cannot work outside of school campus without work authorization. Student joining UCLA summer without work authoization cannot attend internship classes.

Can I choose online courses?

Yes, however student can chose online course when he/she already enrolled 8 units of on campus courses.

Will UCLA Summer Session courses transfer for credit to other institution?

UCLA is ranked very highly in the United States and in the world. UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. It may help to give your home institution the syllabus and course description of the courses you plan to transfer. This will aid the institution in evaluating your courses.

What type of visa do I need for UCLA summer school?

F-1 Student Visa Only.

Could I attend UCLA classes with B1 or B2 visa?

No, Student must have F1 visa in order to attend UCLA summer class. B1/B2 will not be acceptable.

When should I apply for a passport?

You should apply for passport as soon as possible. Don't wait until you finish registration. Passport usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks long.

Can I work in the US with my student visa (F1)?

As an F-1 student, you are eligible to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week, however summer jobs are very competitive. To apply for on-campus employment, please contact GSE representative in advance. If a department is hiring and is interested in you, a representative will contact you for an interview. Please understand that employment opportunities are limited and you should not rely on a job to support yourself while you are a student here.

Does program fee cover visa related fees?

No, program fee does not cover visa related fees. A visa application fee + SEVIS fee must apply for all F1 student applicants. Student could also pay a visa service fee for a professional to assist you completing entire visa application and process. Please see fee related information for details.

What is the difference between apartment and dorm?

Dorm has both double or triple room, a bit more expensive than apartment. Public washroom and shower shared with the floor, room has bed, desk and chair for you and your roommate(s). It covers 11 meals per week, however room doesn't have refrigerator, you are not allow to bring food to the room. Dorm room does not allow water heater due to fire hazard. During summer, most students living in dorm are international students or high school students. Apartment has both double or triple room, comparatively much more cheaper than dorm. Apartment have different style but most apartment has two to three rooms and two to three bathroom + shower. You will only be sharing bathroom with your roommate. Apartment also has living room, kitchen and dining area. Most UCLA students select apartment for more freedom.

Does housing cover meals?

Dorm covers 11 meals per week. Cafeteria located within the dorm building. Campus food courts are not considered part of the meal plan. Apartment has your own kitchen, student could save money by cooking at home or purchase meals everywhere on campus. Student who doesn't want to cook could also pay additional $235 per month for apartment cafeteria which offers 19 meals per week.

Could I request my friends to be my roommate?

Dorm doesn't allow roommate request. Apartment could request roommate. Your roommate must apply for housing together with you.

Could I request to live with an UCLA student as my roommate?

Yes, however we have limited of availability. It would be first come first serve base. Please request this earlier with us @

Is there any age requirement to attend UCLA summer?

Student must be 15 years of age or older before September 1st, 2016 to enroll in college level courses.